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Exterior Decorative Finishes

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Color Washes

Color washing techniques can imbue a room with rustic charm, but are versatile enough in virtually any setting when using appropriate colors. Soft, yet with depth and texture, this free form finish is especially noted for its warm glow which comes from its thin, translucent glazing. The effect works best with earthy colors, such as Venetian red, raw sienna and other soft, natural colors.


The color washing technique washes a surface with a thin translucent glaze mixture. It is one of the best ways to dress up a brand new wall or one that has damage, such as scratches or dents. It also enhances the texture and character of a plastered or stuccoed wall. It uses a wall's imperfections as part of its look.

Color wash can be used to bring all the decorator elements of a room together.  A subtle finish, with little texture, it is an ideal effect to bring background ambiance into any room.


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