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Exterior Decorative Finishes

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Wood Graining

Wood graining, also known as "faux bois", is a centuries old painting technique used to simulate the appearance of wood. Like marble, wood comes in many types, and each type has its own pattern. The graining pattern on a piece of wood depends on how the tree it came from grew and the log it was cut from. Wood graining has long been used to imitate expensive and exotic woods. It is also used to match the finish of a new piece of furniture with others in the same room.

Wood Graining

This dramatic technique can be easily applied to doors, painted furniture, or interior trim molding.  It can instantly transform dull walls, and your plain cabinets.

Don't let poor quality materials in a portion of your home continue to bother you. Consider a wood grain solution to bring the beauty of faux wood to your home.


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