Exterior Decorative Finishes

Concrete Staining

Decorative concrete staining can be used to create an aesthetically rich and variegated finish that will not peel, chip or fade. It brings life to your old, discolored concrete by restoring and beautifying existing surfaces. Concrete staining provides a terrific custom look and is ideal for residential or commercial applications, including masonry surfaces, basement floors, garage floors, driveways, entryways, patios and pool decks, sidewalks and walkways, as well as hotel and restaurant entrances.


“Art to Walk On.” Using today’s glazes, finishes, paints and techniques, with a wide variety of designs, inlays, wood graining and faux finishes, your plain hardwood floor can be transformed into a “Designer Floor” with many special effects.

As hardwood floors grow more and more popular, many homeowners are turning to faux finishes for one-of-a-kind designs in any room of the house. There’s no limit to the wonderful looks you can create with today’s glazes, paints and finishes on solid hardwood floors. Stains can look like inlays of exotic woods. Paint can mimic virtually any material, including marble, granite, tile, brass and gold.

The foyer is breathtaking. Walk in the front door and admire the solid oak floor with green marble inlays, framed in maple. Now look closer, really close. That’s paint on the floor! Faux finishes can be applied to hardwood mouldings and cabinets too. These elements can coordinate with the decor of the room in the same way the floor does.

Metal Patinas

Metal Patinas can be created using modern-day paint technology. The technology allows the creation of a variety of beautiful oxidized metal finishes on any paintable surface. The distinctive and timeless look of patina bronze, copper, decorative metals, or the weathered appearance of rusted iron can be created applying these techniques. These finishes can be applied to both interior and exterior finishes.