Frequently Asked Questions

There are many beautiful photographs on your website. Who took the photographs?
Many of them were take by Janna Waldinger and Lowell Downey of Art & Clarity Photography.  We are extremely thankful for these exceptional photographs.

Do you have insurance?
This is a question that you should be asking ANY contractor that comes into your home. Partners in Painting carries full coverage for both personal and business liability as well as workman’s compensation.

Is Faux painting more expensive then regular painting?
Since all faux finishes are custom projects, they do cost more than regular painting. There is a lot more work involved so each project is quoted on an individual basis. Many factors are taken into consideration. These include but are not limited to the size of the project and the intricacy of the finish, plus the cost of materials.

Do you have a portfolio of completed projects or a sample board of Faux finishes?
Yes, and we will browse through them during the consultation process.

What are the advantages of Faux Finishes and Decorative Painting?
Faux Finish never peels and is not a repeated machine print. It is washable, durable, has no seams, and when it is time for a change it does not have to be removed like wallpaper. It is customized to your existing color scheme and cost-effective. Textured finishes can hide wall surface flaws. Faux finish adds dimension and interest to any decor. It can be applied to various surfaces such as plaster, drywall, wood, metal, leather or PVC.

How do I get my project scheduled?
Contact Mike Gibson at Partners in Painting by phone or email to discuss your project plan. We will discuss your specific project details, the decorative painting styles and the color scheme. Then we can create an estimate and schedule your project.

Do you do regular painting?
Yes, we do regular base coat interior and exterior painting for existing homes.