Project Description

J.L. Brown House, Napa

This 1891 home was designed by W.H. Corlett for J.L. Brown. who was president of Nickels and Brown Brothers, a meat market further down Main Street.

Partners in Painting were responsible for a complete interior/exterior restoration on this property.  This involved multiple color paints, gold leafing and the refurbishment of the natural wood decks.

All components of the interior hardware were restored back to the original brass through extensive hand-polishing of every screw, nut, hinge and door knob.  All interior wood was also hand-polished back to the original natural wood finish.

See the article from Napa Valley Life: March/April 2007 (2.74 MB)

In May 2006, Napa County Landmarks included this restoration in its 32nd Annual Awards of Merit for Historical Preservation.  To keep this property in prime restored condition, a quarterly maintenance program is in existence with Partners in Painting.