Project Description

Seven Stones Winery, Napa

Ronald and Anita Wornick met Mike Gibson of Partners in Painting in 1997 when they began constructing their new home. He placed confidence in Gibson to create his own works of art in the detail of the showcases that enhance his prized art collections.

Mike’s prized project in this home is the long cabinet in the dining room, which he finished with six coats of transparent green stain so the wood grain shows through. It was a challenge to keep it smooth all the way through. Partners in Painting worked on many property elements including the winery, the guest home, the garden shed, the pool house, the caretaker’s house and the main home. We even refurbished fifty teak chairs and tables positioned near the pool.

The original two-year project has turned into an on-going maintenance project of twelve years for the estate.

Read the September/October 2013 article about this project, courtesy of Napa Valley Life (3.55 MB).